On Demand FAQs

What should I do if I get a Movies On Demand error message?

If the error message is number 1103 or 232, please Contact Us and tell us the error number. If the error message has any other number, please reboot your cable set-top box.

Do you offer an On Demand online program guide?

Yes. Go to www.twcondemand.com to see what’s on tonight, watch previews, program recap and find out what’s most popular.

How does Movies On Demand differ from traditional Pay-Per-View?

The difference is that PPV events start at a particular time and you watch them straight through, as if they were a regular program. With Movies on Demand, you can restart it, pause, rewind and you have up to 24 hours to watch the program.

How much do Movies On Demand cost?

It depends on the movie. Check the price on the screen before you order.

What if I don't currently have Time Warner Cable's Digital Cable service?

You’ll need to order it. Please Contact Us.

Does Movies On Demand offer the same movies as my video store?

Yes. Movies On Demand offers thousands of titles for you to choose from. Use your remote to browse through the On-Screen menu or go to www.twcondemand.com to browse through our library of titles.

How soon will I be able to see a Movie On Demand after it leaves the theater?

Just like DVDs, On Demand movies are released at the discretion of the people who produced the movie.

Can I change the channel while watching a Movie on Demand?

Yes. You can stop the movie, switch to another channel or even take a nap, and it will remember where you left off for later viewing within a 24-hour period.

Where can I find information about Howard Stern On Demand (Howard TV)?

Go to www.twcondemand.com or www.indemand.com or www.Howard.TV.

What is Movies On Demand?

Movies On Demand allows our Digital Cable customers to use their remote control to instantly rent a movie. On Demand offers features like pause, fast forward and rewind without a DVD or VCR. Choose from a variety of categories in our digital library, including new releases, comedies, dramas, action/thrillers, Hollywood classics and other great series and titles. Please visit www.twcondemand.com for more information.

How much time will I have to watch a movie?

You have 24 hours to view any movie your order.

Can I get Movies On Demand on every TV in my house?

Yes. You can get Movies On Demand on any TV in your house that has Time Warner Digital Cable. The TV you order the movie on is the TV that you will be able to watch it on.

What kind of equipment do customers need to order Movies On Demand or Premium On Demand?

A digital cable set-top box and digital remote are the only two pieces of equipment that are necessary.

Do Movies on Demand offer Parental Control features?

Yes. Customers may use the Digital Cable Parental Control features to block certain movie channels, ratings or time periods.

How often are movie titles added or changed?

New selections are added to the menu weekly.

Do I have to have Digital Cable to get Movies On Demand?

Yes. To access any On Demand services, customers must have Time Warner Digital Cable. Movies On Demand rely on digital technology to deliver programming to you.

How do I order Movies On Demand?

Movies On Demand can be ordered with your digital remote control. Go to the On Demand ordering instructions page for more information.

How many Movies On Demand can I buy at one time?

You can make multiple purchases. Since it only takes the touch of a button to get the movie you want when you want it, we recommend ordering one movie at a time. Family members can order different movies on different TVs at the same time.

Can I use my VCR to record movies or programming from Movies On Demand?

TWC does not expressly authorize the recording of movies and programming available from Movies on Demand.

Are all Movies On Demand close-captioned, or is it only certain releases?

Unfortunately, not every movie is close-captioned, but the number of close captioned titles is rising.

How do I use Navigator to cancel an On Demand or Pay-Per-View program?

You may cancel a purchase during a zero- to five-minute cancellation window, set by your local cable office.

To cancel a MOVIE ON DEMAND:

  1. Press the B button on the remote (the blue square button),
  2. Highlight and select the “Cancel this purchase” choice on screen.

To cancel a PAY-PER-VIEW program:

  1. Press the A button on the Navigator remote (the yellow triangle button),
  2. Go to the PURCHASES screen to find and cancel the purchased event.

For both On Demand and Pay-Per-View programs, the cancellation must occur within the time allowed in your service area of any non-adult content program. There is no cancellation policy for adult content programming.

To cancel a PAY-PER-VIEW program:

  1. Press the A button on the Navigator remote (the yellow triangle button).
  2. Go to the PURCHASES screen to find and cancel the purchased event. Please note that you can only cancel a Pay-Per-View program BEFORE the program is scheduled to start.

There is no cancellation policy for On Demand purchases and adult content programming.

Do I have to have Digital Cable to get Premiums On Demand?

Yes. To access any On Demand services, customers must have a Time Warner Digital Cable set-top box.

What is the difference between Movies On Demand and Premiums On Demand?

Movies On Demand allows you instantly order movies at home whenever you want them, and you pay only for the movies that you order. Premiums On Demand such as HBO, Showtime Unlimited, Cinemax and STARZ! allow you instantly watch the premium channels you subscribe to whenever you want.

How much do Premiums On Demand cost?

Premiums On Demand is included in the monthly fee for the premium channels you subscribe to. Go to our Pricing & Packaging page for monthly subscription prices of premium channels.

What is Premiums On Demand?

It’s a service that allows you watch HBO, Showtime Unlimited, Cinemax or STARZ whenever you want and watch it as often as you for each premium channel you subscribe to. You can pause, fast-forward and rewind all your On Demand programming-so you'll never miss a minute because of interruptions. This service is only available with a Digital Cable set-top box. For more details on Premiums On Demand channels, go to www.twcondemand.com.

Do I have to buy additional equipment to receive Premiums On Demand?

No. There is no need to purchase any additional equipment to get Premiums On Demand.

Can I get this service on every TV in my house?

Yes. You can get Premiums On Demand on any TV in your house that has a digital cable set-top box. The TV you select your program on, however, is the only TV you can watch it on.

When will Time Warner Cable launch this service?

Many customers are already enjoying HBO On Demand, Showtime On Demand, Cinemax On Demand, and The Movie Channel On Demand. This service is available in most Time Warner Cable areas.

Do Premiums on Demand offer Parental Control features?

Yes. We provide a Parental Control option that allows you to block purchases and viewing of Premiums On Demand.

How do I subscribe to Premiums On Demand?

You must be a subscriber of the premium channels you want to watch via the On Demand service. For example, if you subscribe to Showtime, you can receive unlimited, on-demand access to that channel. Contact Us to subscribe.

Can I use my DVD or VCR to record On Demand programming?

No. Time Warner Cable does not expressly authorize the recording of movies and programming available from Premiums or Movies On Demand.

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